Producer of potato gnocchi and freshly prepared sauces

Buona Compagnia Gourmet is a market leader and produce a range of products that are typical with high quality Italian cuisine. Our range specialises in regional varieties and DOP ingredients that are prepared using traditional recipes.

Our range consists of freshly prepared pasta sauces, the highest quality Genovese Pesto and appetising side dishes through to freshly prepared complete main meals.

Our products

A quality combination

Discover our tasty delicious products following an exciting culinary route: you may be conquered by the unmistakeable taste of “Patamore” line prepared with fresh potatoes only, you may taste again typical sauces and gravies of the Italian tradition with “Antica Ricetta” products or you may test your creativity with “Il Tuo Chef” range of products.

Our recipes

For very demanding palates…

Taste our products with the recipes we recommend and then… change them, create new recipes and, if you like, send them to us. We will be pleased to publish the most interesting recipes.