Patamore Gnocchi, made from only fresh potatoes

Patamore Gnocchi are prepared with passion, just like you would at home. High-quality fresh potatoes are steam cooked with their skin on to preserve their nutritional values and delicate taste. Then fresh eggs, flour and salt are added to complete the perfect gnocchi. Fresh Gnocchi is a versatile dish available in a number of different varieties, perfect for a quick, easy, delicious meal.

Only fresh selected potatoes, steamed and processed in one day

We only ever use fresh potatoes and the highest quality ingredients. We never use potato derivatives such as potato flakes or stretch, we never use preservatives, additives or colouring agents. We only produce a 100% fresh natural product. All of our selected potatoes are steamed and processed in one day to ensure the highest quality, enhance the taste and provide maximum freshness and fragrance.

Traditional Pesto and innovative sauces

All of our production takes place in the birthplace of Pesto, Liguria. The Ligurian region is steeped in tradition with recipes being passed down from generation to generation. This heritage and passion is key to our “Antica Ricetta” and “Il Tuo Chef” brands. Everything we produce comes from the heart resulting in appetizing recipes prepared with quality ingredients, allowing our customers to enjoy our products without any compromise.

Eating with taste

Our large selection of delicious sauces are the perfect way to complete any dish. All produced using traditional recipes with genuine fresh ingredients, our sauces are the ideal range of products for quick appetizing dishes.

A riot of colours and flavours

There is plenty to choose from, thanks to the wide range of specialities that look really very inviting.
Ready dishes prepared according to good traditional recipes and revisited with tasty variations.

Salads and starters, side dishes, meat courses and fish courses in all kinds of ways and the “cima”, the ever-popular stuffed veal, form a perfect product line for Ho.Re.Ca, delicatessen and takeaways counters.
The high production flexibility favours the utmost supply customization: first try and then trust!