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Starting from gnocchi, until taking a central stage amongst fresh pasta.
A range rich in creativity with premium specialities and, above all, the best gnocchi made with fresh potatoes only, the pride of Patamore.

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La Gastronomia Ligure

The brand for those who like to treat themselves.
Tradition at its very best, high quality Pesto Genovese for a variety of dishes. Proud flag-bearer of Ligurian tradition!

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Antica Ricetta

The line of fresh, high-quality pasta sauces, without preservatives or additives, designed for the most refined palates. Recipes linked to Italian tradition – slow cooking process and high-quality ingredients are cleverly combined to make homemade-style sauces..

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Il tuo chef

A range of pestos, sauces, and mayonnaise-based products with an attentive eye to convenience and great value for money, ideal for offering tasty hors d’oeuvres and starters

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Sauces 'n love

Your own chef at home for delicious dinners.
A range of tempting ready-made pesto, salsas and sauces, created to be an affordable way of creating pasta dishes bursting with flavour. Our products intended for the USA market.

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Buona Compagnia Gourmet

See where you can find us and request information about our products.

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Buona Compagnia Gourmet, thanks to its productive flexibility and the ability to develop innovative products, supports production with its own brands including those for the Private Label and Horeca sector.

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