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Buona Compagnia Gourmet chooses IQF (Individually Quick frozen) technology for its products.


Deep freezing is a quality choice since the product is cooled very rapidly, causing water micro-crystals to form, which ensures that the biological structure of the product is not damaged and preserves the organoleptic qualities and nutritional properties, structure and flavour of our gnocchi.


Technically speaking, the IQF process deep freezes the gnocchi individually, as they pass through on a conveyor belt one by one, with cold air flows at a temperature of -90 °C.


IQF has the following characteristics:

  • A minimum core temperature of -18 °C is reached in a very short time;
  • Extremely rapid cooling times to reach the minimum required temperature;
  • Ultra-fast procedure.


Deep freezing is therefore considered the best way to preserve food.


The deep freezing method used allows consumers to use the product without defrosting it, thus saving time.


In fact, the gnocchi can be thrown into boiling water while still frozen, and they can be then taken out with a skimmer three minutes later, when they start floating on the surface.


They can also be cooked in a pan, while still frozen, in just 6 minutes.


Morever, thanks to deep freezing, the gnocchi are well separated, which means there is no need to cook the entire package, but only the required amount can be taken out and prepared. This makes them very practical, thus reducing waste and costs.


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