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Craftsmen by tradition


Buona Compagnia Gourmet is above all
experience, responsibility, safety, research
reliability and love for our products.

In our Treviso factory, we produce our
gnocchi and purée with real potatoes,
which we steam to keep all the
true flavour of the product.

In our Savona factory, we produce
our traditional Pesto Ligure using only
PDO basil, sauces and salsa with
the finest quality ingredients,
just like we do in the production of
our gourmet specialities.

future is your

Our continuous commitment towards the consumer, to make our company known in branches of the market we have not reached yet, maintaining tradition, contemporary trends and quality, to meet the demands of a mature market.

Buona Compagnia Gourmet

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Natural products

Our speciality

How we produce our products.
From production to your fridge.

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Eat better to feel better

Our vision

A good product can only be

produced with natural ingredients.

Just a few simple ingredients

for great taste.

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